Recent Events & Projects

Consciousness Based Education (CBE) at Children’s Garden Home and School, March 2020
Led by Ms. Paramjeet Kwatra with a team of governorsKawangware, Nairobi, Kenya
A project to implement programs which give students more confidence, more self-reliance, and more inner peace .

Organic Farming Project, April 2018
Led by Elizabeth Chepkorir. Nandi Hills, A project to support women  and students in Nandi Hills.

TM Teaching Project, March 2016
Led by Ms Kwatra, accompanied by Monica Cheboo  – Umutuzu village in Gisenyi, Rwanda

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A New Generation of Leaders

African Women and Girls Organization for Total Knowledge, Kenya Ltd. (AWAGO) offers programs, including the evidence-based, secular Transcendental Meditation® (TM®) technique, geared to women of all ages for development of their full potential. Many women see themselves as upcoming leaders of their communities and their nation. They desire to make a difference in their world through their own empowerment and vision for a better future.

Our programs have been extensively implemented in a wide range of settings in countries around the world for over 50 years. AWAGO has demonstrated the effectiveness of the TM technique for women in business, government and cultural leaders; in schools for students of all ages; and in maternal health clinics and programs for vulnerable women. Research shows that regular practice of the TM technique produces greater vitality, clearer thinking, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved health and social behavior, which is the basis for excellence in leadership performance, health and well-being, and improved quality of life.

I learned Transcendental Meditation Technique five years ago and have been practicing ever since. It has been very beneficial to me, especially, keeping calm in this busy day-to-day world. I feel confident enough controlling my stress levels and am progressing in life through thick and thin, wisely. I am very happy with the new Me, both physically and mentally.

Toral Shah, 34 yrs

Alexandra Night, leader of the TM Club for Women at Makerere University

For a long time thoughts used to disturb me and drive me into deep stress which could take me long time to solve. Sleeping comfortable was a problem and lack of joy in me. When I learned Transcendental Meditation life became better. I now sleep really well and wake up with joy and a fresh mind. I would encourage all students to learn meditation. It is very simple and it makes life better.

Deffinah Mukiri, 20yrs Student, computer packages.


The TM technique allows a woman to connect with her innermost Self. This can be qualified as a field of Total Knowledge—the basis or source of all feelings, emotions, intellect and behavior, so that the whole personality, both inner and outer, is fully developed and balanced.

TM practice is like watering the root of a tree to allow all parts of the tree to flourish. In this way, our programs nourish the root of life at its source through development of consciousness, which enriches all aspects of life—mental, physical, emotional, and social so that everyone can rise to their best and fullest potential.

This is the basis of a sustainable model for the full development of human potential: preserving cultural values, while at the same time innovating to meet the growing demands of a rapidly changing world.


The TM practice develops empowerment from within by developing total brain potential. TM gives easy access to the source of thought, which is the wellspring of energy, creativity and intelligence deep within us—the field of Total Knowledge—and brings greater integration between our inner desires and our capacity to achieve with greater ease and highest and best outcomes.

Right from the start, TM also brings greater enjoyment and fulfillment to life, naturally going beyond worry and agitation—the extreme opposite of the stress response. This helps young women deal with challenges of adolescence, peer pressure, and self-image, offering women an opportunity to become more successful in their careers, and bringing greater harmony to family life.

It is a key to effortless serenity, a new avenue for self-care and personal growth of the highest caliber, for development of full human potential.

Learning of TM technique has been an unbelievable blessing to me, in such a short period! Regular practice has given me a boost in many ways. I sleep well, am capable of making my own decisions and feel very joyful and confident. I am a student of Interior designing, and have become more creative in my work. I feel relaxed in both, my body and mind. I get beautiful experiences everyday, that make me more enthusiastic. Komal J. Vala


Enlightenment is most often associated with book learning—the more we ‘learn’ the more enlightened we become. But enlightenment is so much more than this. It is not just about gaining more information from a textbook on a particular field of study or training for a job… it is about developing our total potential through the full cultivation of all aspects of our personality, from the finest feeling level of our emotions, to our ability to think and act in a way that is fully productive, supportive, and nourishing to ourselves and those around us.

With Transcendental Meditation we have a simple technique to cultivate the full personality in enlightenment. During TM we transcend—we go beyond the surface activity of the thinking mind, and dive into the inner silent core of our Being—the Self, or pure consciousness. This is the source, or fountainhead of all knowledge, creativity and intelligence. When we awaken to this innermost level of life—the field of Total Knowledge—we cultivate the state of enlightenment in a natural and effortless way.

Enlightenment is enjoyed through the full integration of our innermost Self with our outermost thinking, acting and behavior. This provides the basis of living life in enlightenment—200% of life, 100% inner and 100% outer. Knowledge is for achievement. Total Knowledge is for the ultimate achievement, which is life naturally lived in enlightenment.


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