Our Mission


Mission Statement

African Women and Girls Organization for Total Knowledge, Kenya Ltd. (AWAGO) is dedicated to the full awakening of Total Knowledge—the development of the full creative potential within every woman and girl—through the implementation of evidence-based programs, including the Transcendental Meditation technique, which is known to significantly improve quality of life on the level of mind, body and behavior. True empowerment from within, produces the greatest success and fulfillment personally, and radiates out to one’s family, community and nation.

Development of Total Knowledge

AWAGO is dedicated to the full awakening of Total Knowledge. Most of us think of knowledge in terms of a particular field of study. Whether in the arts or sciences, we think of knowledge as gained through book learning. What has been missing from the understanding of gaining knowledge is the consideration of the source of all knowledge—the field of Total Knowledge.

Total Knowledge refers to the fundamental ‘field’ of intelligence or existence at the basis of all life and its infinitely diverse expressions—that for the purpose of study, are ‘packaged’ into different disciplines. While education has been dedicated to exploring these fields of knowledge, in recent history more consideration is being given to the ‘source’ of all fields of knowledge, the field of Total Knowledge.

TOTAL KNOWLEDGE PERTAINS TO THE SELF …  In individual life, the field of Total Knowledge pertains to the Self or the field of pure consciousness—our innermost Self—which is the fountainhead of our thinking, feeling and behavior. Because our behavior and the quality of the decisions we make is directly related to the quality of our thinking, it is vital that we engage the full range of our mind—from the active thinking mind to the innermost source of thinking.

This is what naturally happens through the Transcendental Meditation technique, which can be thought of as a Total Knowledge based practice for the full development of an individual. TM is a systematic technique for gaining access to the source of thought, that inner reservoir of energy, creativity and intelligence deep within each of us—the field of Total Knowledge. This is how we can activate more of our brain potential until ultimately we utilize our total brain potential for the highest and best outcomes in all that we desire and do. This practice of enlivening the field of Total Knowledge—the Self—is the most basic tool for improving educational outcomes, improving health and behavior, and fulfilling our desires for ourselves, our families, and our world.

A SHORTCUT TO ENLIGHTENMENT …  Engaging the field of Total Knowledge within every individual is a shortcut to enlightenment. Enlightenment is living life in the most natural, balanced and responsible way—it is a state of fulfillment. This is how we make life sustainable—first from within ourselves, and then by virtue of our self-sufficient status of fulfillment, we naturally radiate that all-powerful, all-nourishing quality into all areas of our life. This is the mission of our organization, which is dedicated to the full awakening of Total Knowledge within every woman and girl so that she lives life in fulfillment.