Our Staff

Paramjeet Kwatra

Paramjeet Kwatra is an educationist, with a vast experience in various fields of education in day and boarding schools, in a variety of positions as Teacher, Administrator, Headmistress, Principal and Financial Controller over two Continents, 15 years in India and 28 years in Nairobi-Kenya.

She has many laurels to her credit in the field of Education, that reached to The National Level. Her Educational Qualification is M.A.( Eng Lit.), B.Ed.(India), Educational Psychology from University of Rhode Island, through International School of Kenya, Nairobi. An Indian by birth, she came to Nairobi in 1989 and settled here ever since, as a Kenyan Citizen. She has contributed in translating Books on Vedic Literature from English to Hindi and vice versa, apart from various other credits.

She learned Transcendental Meditation Technique in 2009 and is a full time certified Transcendental Meditation Teacher since April 2013. She did Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course in Thailand in 2012-2013. She completed the prescribed course to become an expert in ‘Consciousness Based Education’ and a condensed course in ‘Individual is Cosmic’ from  ‘Maharishi European Research University (M.E.R.U.), Holland. The Global Mother Divine Organization honored her with the ‘Invincibility Award’ for her many years of dedicated service in the field of Education, and for her discovery of how Educators can truly fulfill their role and develop full potential of their students. Immediately after she learned the Transcendental Meditation Technique, she saw the far reaching value of it to develop full potential of every individual, by enlivening total brain functioning, supporting the development, not only for herself, but her students’ consciousness, as well as their intellect, mind, emotions, character and psychology, in a stress-free environment. After she introduced Consciousness Based Education in the Institution of which she was The Head in Nairobi, an outstanding list of laurels garnered by the School, was highly impressible.

” In light of my educational goals, the most valuable experience of Transcendental Meditation to me, is that, it has prepared me with all the knowledge needed to start a School with Consciousness Based Education and mold the Present, with a lesson of the Past, influencing the Future, paving a way to fulfill the new quest of knowledge for future generations, expanding to enlighten, not only in Africa, but also the Indian Community around the world!” 

Elizabeth Jepkorir

Elizabeth became a teacher of  Transcendental Meditation in 2006. She has taught TM to many ladies and girls in the Nandi Hills community and surrounding area. She also runs weekly group meditation with the ladies in her community.

In addition, Elizabeth is passionate about organic farming and has made great progress with her organic farm in Nandi Hills. She developed interest in farming very early in life, and when she finished secondary school she found employment as a gardener at Baraton University (situated between Eldoret and Kapsabet). At Baraton they were using compost as a fertilizer. She felt inspired when she saw how well the crops were doing without using chemical fertilizers. After getting married she continued exploring organic farming methods using manure in her vegetable garden at home. In 2014 she attended a course (GBIACK – GROW Bio Intensive) in organic farming at Thika Agricultural College. In addition to what she already knew she learned new effective techniques like “double digging” and the “zig zag system” of planting. Elizabeths’ shamba is located right next to a river and depending on the weather she will water the garden using a pump and a hosepipe whenever there is a need. 

Elizabeth hopes to bring greater self-sufficiency to the Nandi Hills meditating community through the farm. In addition she is teaching the meditating students at Liberty School how to farm organically.

Monica Cheboo

Monica has been a TM teacher since 2012. In addition, she is trained as a special needs teacher and is currently teaching high school students with hearing impairment

She is married with 3 children and a grandmother of two.  She does organic farming apart from her professional career as a teacher in High School.

“Regular practicing of TM has given me more energy and clarity to manage both professional work and family and household responsibilities.”


Kristin Naituli

Kristin received her bachelor degree and MBA in 1989, from Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield Iowa, USA. At MUM she also met her Kenyan husband Professor Gitile J. Naituli, who brought her to Kenya in 1992. Kristin and Professor Naituli are proud parents of two beautiful children. Kristin was working as a lecturer at Egerton University from 1998, where she taught business-related subjects to almost 10,000 students, until she resigned in 2014 to pursue other interests. She lives with her family at the outskirts of Nakuru.

Kristin became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in Almeria Spain in 1993, and completed her re-certification in MERU St Odhilienberg in October 2017. She is now dedicating most of her time to teaching TM and making this knowledge available to everyone. She is passionate about giving women the experience of inner peace as a foundation for creating and maintaining peace within their families and in their local communities.

“A peaceful society consists of peaceful individuals. Thus we find that our inner peace is the cornerstone for the “outer peace” in our communities. As women we play a special role in maintaining this peace. A woman’s nervous system is flexible and has the ability to absorb and release much of the daily stress and fatigue her children and spouse brings home at the end of the day. This ability to absorb and release stress works well when the woman is fully rested, happy and at peace with herself and her life. It is therefore vital that as women we do everything possible to maintain this rested and peaceful state of mind. Transcendental Meditation is a wonderful tool that allows our minds to transcend thought and experience a state of restful alertness, pure unbounded consciousness, which is available to everyone at the deepest, most quiet levels of our minds.”

“The Transcendental Meditation program has created a quality of fulfillment and bliss for me. Life is so amazing — I see this same expansion of quality of life growing in the lives of the many women and girls we teach. Every day brings fresh waves of possibility for transformation of society for all good for everyone!”