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How to Learn the Transcendental Meditation Technique

The Transcendental Meditation technique is taught through a systematic course of instruction by one of our certified Transcendental Meditation teachers. Upon completion of the course, the Transcendental Meditation technique will then be an enjoyable part of your daily routine that you can practice on your own at home. The practice is both easy to learn and easy to practice—anyone can do it—even children.

Steps to Learning

Free Introductory talk by a certified TM teacher (1 hour) You’ll learn:

  • Why TM is so effective for reducing stress and anxiety
  • How TM naturally promotes wellness
  • What happens during TM
  • Why anyone would want to practice TM
  • Why TM works from the start

Free private meeting following the intro talk (5-10 minutes) Private meeting with a certified TM teacher. At this time you can discuss any personal considerations.

TM course over 4 consecutive days Day 1: Personal instruction (1-2 hours); Days 2-4: Checking sessions (60-90 minutes per day)

Free lifetime follow-up Follow-up includes periodic one-on-one sessions with the teacher (20-30 minutes), as well as group seminars over the first six months to ensure you are meditating correctly and enjoying the benefits. There are also weekend courses and advanced courses for those who wish to participate.

Certified Teachers

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a highly effective meditation practice due to its systematic style of teaching. All of our Transcendental Meditation teachers are trained in intensive full-time in-residence courses that have been designed by TM founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The TM teacher training course has been offered throughout the world for over 50 years.

Course Fees

To make learning TM available to as many people as possible while covering our costs, the fee for learning TM is income-related based on the standard adult fee of KSH10,000. Discounts are available for students and vulnerable women and girls. The course fee includes initial instruction as well as an ongoing support program to help you get the most out of your meditation.

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